By using Cinnamon you agree to these rules. If you break any rules we reserve the right to remove your access to any and all Cinnamon services.

Rule One


Spamming commands and hosting an extreme ammount of unnececary giveaways are strictly forbidden, and will result in you and/or your server getting banned.

Rule Two

Sharing Exploits

Sharing exploits or bugs with other users is forbidden. Please report all exploits to staff in the Cinnamon Support Server so the issue can be fixed as quickly as possible.

Rule Three

Using Exploits

You are not allowed to abuse any exploits with malicious intent or without approval from both a developer and the server owner.

Rule Four


You are not allowed to enter giveaways or perform any other action through Cinnamon via automated means. This includes "self-botting" or any program that may perform actions on your behalf.

Rule Five


Using Cinnamon to abuse, harass, bully, or witch-hunt others as well as to abuse, harass, bully, or witch-hunt Cinnamon staff is not tolerated and should be reported to Cinnamon Staff immediately via the Cinnamon Support Server.

Rule Six


You may not use Cinnamon to aid you in making false promises with the intent of gaining something from members.
For example, if you make a giveaway where you require users to join a server, invite people, or complete some other similar task, then refuse to payout at the end, that counts as a scam and will not be tolerated. Refusing to payout a giveaway you have made at all is frowned upon, but unless your members were required to do something to enter the giveaway (other than just to click the join button), it's likely not that big of a deal. This rule is enforced on a case-by-case basis.

Rule Seven

Discord Terms of Service and Community Guidelines

In addition to accepting these rules when you use Cinnamon, you also accept Discord's Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.

If you have questions about this policy, please ask in Cinnamon Support.
If you would like to appeal a ban, please join our Ban Appeals server.

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