Give your community what it wants.

Cinnamon is a modern, feature-filled bot for professional giveaways.


You can trust Cinnamon's 24/7 uptime. Even if it does restart for an update, existing giveaways will just carry on with no interruptions.

Extremely Customizable

Cinnamon blows competition out of the water with its powerful customizable requirements. Limit entries exactly the way you want. Add a role that Cinnamon will ping whenever a giveaway starts. Whatever you want to do, Cinnamon can probably do.
Note: Not all customization options are shown in this image.
Found something Cinnamon can't do? Suggest it in our server.

Interactive Interface

Cinnamon offers an intuitive and powerful giveaway creation command:


It guides giveaway managers through giveaway creation. Want a quick and simple giveaway? Cinnamon allows you to enter the minimum amount of information needed to start one. Want to take your giveaway experience to the max? You can finely tune every option to your needs.

UnbelievaBoat Giveaways

Cinnamon was the first bot to offer instant UnbelievaBoat cash payouts. Simply Authorize Cinnamon and you don't need to lift a finger when the giveaway ends.

Edit Giveaways

Made a typo while starting your giveaway? Not a problem. You can easily edit giveaways at any time.
You can also cancel giveaways, reroll giveaways, and end them early if you need to.

Automatic Rerolls

Do you want your winners to have to claim their prize within a specified time? With Cinnamon Premium you can specify a claim time, and if the winner(s) don't claim in time they will be automatically rerolled!

Giveaway Templates

Create templates to organize and streamline your commonly-created giveaways. You can also set default settings for new giveaways created per channel or server-wide!

Drop Giveaways

It's a race to click! Drop giveaways are just like dropping a Nitro in chat, but you can use Cinnamon's powerful requirements!

Giveaway guide

Confused? Don't be. Use /ghelp to view the handy guide that you can click through to guide you through using giveaways.


Have an event you want to count down to? Use Cinnamon Timers. Anyone who reacts with the hourglass will also be pinged when the timer ends.


Cinnamon also has a few games you can play, such as 5x5, where the goal is to turn all the buttons on. When you click a button, it toggles, and so do the buttons immediately above, below, to the left, and to the right of it.

Premium Perks

Cinnamon has awesome premium perks to power your server even more.

Helpful Support

Cinnamon has a Support Server where you can ask any question you want, or suggest anything to be added. We will try our best to answer any questions you may have.

Use /create to start giving!